Phd students associated with (but not directly funded by) ENL

Demetris DemetriousDemetris Demetrious

Demetris Demetrious (Cambridge) began his PhD in October 2014 funded via an EPSRC DTA award. He is working on the theoretical and experimental analysis of nonlinear systems
using Wiener series.

David HawesDavid Hawes

David Hawes (Cambridge) graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MEng in 2012 before working as an engineering consultant for one year in the software group at Frazer-Nash
Consultancy. He then returned to Cambridge in October 2013 to study an EPSRC funded PhD. His research is in mechanical vibration theory applied to energy harvesting.

Irfan KhanIrfan Khan

Irfan Khan (Sheffield) received his BE degree in Mechatronics Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan in May 2009, ans his Master Degree in Mechatronics
from American University of Sharjah in October 2013. During his master, he worked on nonlinear robust control and torsional vibration suppression in elastic drive systems. He started an EPSRC-funded PhD in November 2013, working on structural vibration suppression using hybrid active plus semi-active control.

Xuanang LiuXuanang Liu

Xuanang Liu (Sheffield) received a bachelor degree in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation in 2012 from the Central South University in China and obtained a distinction MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol. Currently is is doing a PhD in structural redesign based on backbone curve analysis.

Andrew McKayAndrew McKay

Andrew McKay (Cambridge) graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2013 with a BAI in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to Cambridge in October 2013 to start an EPSRC-funded PhD
focused on the evaluation of various friction laws and their applications to different mechanical systems that exhibit friction-induced vibration.

Malcolm ScottMalcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott (Sheffield) is a final year PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he also completed his MEng degree. His PhD project is funded by EDF Energy
and involves modelling control rod movements in AGR nuclear power stations. Current research interests include sensitivity analysis, system identification and condition monitoring in the context of control rod modelling.

Luigi SimeoneLuigi Simeone

Luigi Simeone (ISVR, Southampton) received a BSc (2010) and MSc (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. During his MSc, he spent four months at LMS International working on EMA, numerical/experimental correlation and new algorithms for modal identification (PolyMAX and PolyMAX Plus). Now he is on an EPSRC-funded PhD in energy harvesting using nonlinear control. The project has now developed a prototype vibration based energy harvester.

Daniela TiboacaDaniela Tiboaca

Daniela Tiboaca (Sheffield) finished her BEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield in 2012 and is currently an EPSRC-funded PhD student. Her project is based on using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampling methods, Bayesian inference and probability concepts for system identification in structural dynamics.

EPSRC: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council