Steering committee

Members of the Steering Committee (SC)
• Josie Robinson (EPSRC representative)
• Dr Geraint Jones (Project Manager & SC Secretary)
• Mark Bateman, EDF Energy, UK
• Professor Jean-Claude Golinval, University of Liege, Belgium
• Sanjiv Sharma, Airbus UK (Chair of SC)
• Professor Steve Shaw, Michigan State University, USA
• Professor Gabor Stepan, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
• Bob Stirling, Stirling Dynamics, UK
• David Storer CRF, Italy
• Professor Lawrie Virgin, Duke University, USA

Former members of the Steering Committee (SC)
• Daniel Smith (Former EPSRC representative)
• Professor David Ewins, Imperial College London (Former Chair)
• Andreas Kontogeorgos (Former EPSRC representative)

EPSRC: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council