Mindmapping for Nonlinear Structural Dynamics – An Invitation to Participate in a Crowdsourced Collaboration Methodology

Figure showing part of the newly collated landscape of nonlinear structural dynamics. Full details can be found in Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 373:20140400

As the Engineering Nonlinearity EPSRC Programme Grant holds its final showcase 3-4 July 2017 in Sheffield, a reminder that an invitation remains open to participate in a “crowd-sourced” collaboration methodology, within the field of nonlinear structural dynamics.

The invitation appeared in the opening article of a special issue of Philosophical Transactions A in August 2015, including papers from academics and researchers involved in the Engineering Nonlinearity (ENL) project, as well as contributions from industrial partners.

The article, “The landscape of nonlinear structural dynamics: an introduction”, by Tore Butlin, Jim Woodhouse and Alan Champneys, made available online supplementary material relating to the construction of a consultant’s checklist or “mindmap” of nonlinear structural dynamics, including designVUE files of the overall map structure, and of two case studies – Vehicle brake squeal, and Cable-stayed bridges.

Potential collaborators are encouraged to contact the first author Tore Butlin by email: tb267@cam.ac.uk so that the map can be updated, and to help pioneer a new “crowd-sourced” collaboration methodology, within an important part of Engineering Science.

The paper and associated materials can be accessed from the links below.

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